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Runway Sunday is a multi-brand Pop-Up retailer.

While most designers have an on-line presence, a Pop-Up store allows the customer to touch and experience the product they would usually only see on-line.  It is a sensory experience.  Shopping in itself is therapeutic and customers should not necessarily be left feeling traumatised having seen everything and nothing that big retailers and over- crowded markets have to offer.

Enter Runway Sunday.   We created this platform with both the designer and customer in mind.  We promote opportunities for emerging, established contemporary-modest designers, slow fashion or artisanal brands and artist to engage their customers in creative Pop-Up environments across the country.

We carefully curate the brands that exhibit in our Pop-Up stores to ensure our customers receive a quality product that is trendy yet affordable.  Our Pop-Ups usually last anything from 3 hours to 3 months, dependent on location and demand.

Pop-Up store have become the new normal in retail and we look forward to seeing you on our Runway.

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It started when,

I grew up around the din of sewing machines, my grandfather was a well-known tailor, my grandmother was a seamstress and my mom was a sample hand in a design room.  I had an early penchant for beautiful fabrics and outlandish styles and 90% of what I wore (then and now) was made by my mom.  I never grew tired of designing and my mom never grew tired of making it.  I loved everything about it.  Unfortunately, it was not a career I could pursue at the time unless I wanted to start as a garment cleaner in a clothing factory.  I wanted to work in an office, somewhere in the City, wearing nice clothes.

And then,

Your dreams have a way of surfacing while you’re busy doing other things, and so many kids and career moves later, I decided to take what I love (fashion) with what I know (business) and create a platform  to showcase some of the new and aspiring design talent around Cape Town and the world.


I hope you will enjoy this journey with me as we take-off and explore what is out there in the world of fashion, the people behind the brands, fashion events, and fashion dreams never too late to be realised.

-Faiza Moosa (Founder of Runway Sunday & Cape Town Modest Fashion Week)


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