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If you attended the highly publicised launch of Haute-Elan SA’s pop-up at the newly renovated Artem Gallery in June this year, you would agree that it was nothing short of spectacular. It had all the elements for a successful collaboration with international modest and artisanal brands, Lu-Ayn and South African brands such as Zamaan and Thabo Maketha to name a few.

These collaborations make sense as it provides local designers an opportunity to engage customer trends offline and builds brand awareness.  This is exactly what the Haute-Elan SA pop-up achieved.  How else would we have seen and touched the exquisite pop-art Kimonos by Zamaan?  This is building brand awareness. Coupled with the correct product mix and a targeted customer is what will ultimately make Pop-Up stores the new Starbucks. You want to just pop-in, grab an item from your favorite designer (which you’ve already viewed on-line) and be on your way. So the next time you view the designer’s range on-line and you have experienced a quality garment with a good fit, it is just a matter of Like. Click. Buy.

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Sea Point,
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